Mary Jane Matze -
Winning the Battle
In My Need

In My Need for peace and quiet, God drew me aside,
A haven of rest, a valley, a place we could confide,
My need for love of Jesus, my fears stood still,
His creation around me, His love He did instill
The shadows gently lifted, I no longer rebelled,
My spirit soared, within me, my faith upheld.
The fear of doubt, pain, subsided, my spirit took wings
Whispers of sweet heartfelt joys came of eternal things.
My body now mended, each day greatly blessed,
My heart filled with love, I seek what is best,
God knows my weakness, desires, and short comings
He forgives all, I called him in, now I do his bidding.

We were happy over the years.  I did get slack and careless and started to eat all the goodies I had done before.  Meat and gravy - a no, no.  White sugar, white flour, all a no, no.  I started to feel ill again.  I knew better.  God sent all the herbs and grains we needed, He gave us.  So I changed yet again.  I made carrot juice adding our home grown lettuce and tomato juices and everything my husband grew.  No coffee or tea.  I never smoked or drank.  I did breathe in the smoke of my fellow office workers where I worked in Quality Engineeering.  I was in contact with smoke and chemicals of all sorts, all day long and driving home behind cars in a steel city, for over 37 years.  Exercising and deep breathing is a must and dancing to fast music and laughing every day will keep you young and happy thoughts help to keep the wrinkles away.  I have been asked if I had my face lifted.  Looked as if I was a liar.  Those poor souls, were they jealous?

By 1994, a shadow was found on my pelvic, so I started Flor Essence tea again and three months later it was gone.  I felt by now my type of lymphoma cancer comes back every five years...

Speaking with Rene Caisse (ESSIAC)

When I heard in 1977 that Nurse Rene Caisse would be answering questions on the radio at the age of 89, I sure would love to speak to her.  I did speak to her, but she wanted to talk to me privately.  I left my number and she called me.  I was overwhelmed, but thankful.  She gave me the name and address of a native medical man in Brantford, Ontario and I took a lady who had pancreous cancer with me.  We received the herbs, but he said it would not help, just the pain, because it was too late.  He told me she would not see the year end, and she did not.  He thanked me, but was sorry.  Nurse Rene told me a lot of things and I never forgot, Gods love and book was for every body to believe in, not to make money with, that is what Dr. Brusch and E. Alexander and Nurse Rene wanted for everyone to be able to pay and live.

Pardon my mistakes, it is a long time since I did this.  I had a C.E.A. test and it is going up in numbers, but at 85 years, I am getting slower and forgetful, but give thanks to God the Father everyday for blessing us.  We eat good food, grow it, grind it, and make and bake it and smile. 

Have faith in God and Yourself.

With Thanks
Mary Jane Matze
Mary Jane's Secrets to Winning The Battle